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Production technologist

Production technologist

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Production technologist:


A plant production technologist is a specialist who plans, coordinates and controls all aspects of plant production at an enterprise. In this role, it is necessary to effectively cooperate with a team of specialists and executives, ensure the smooth operation of the production process and achieve the set goals.

  • Development of technological processes:Developing optimal technological processes for growing plants, taking into account quality, yield and cost-effectiveness requirements. Performing risk analysis and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for safety and quality
  • Planning and coordination:Developing work schedules and plans for sowing, watering, fertilizing and plant protection. Coordinating the work of personnel and production equipment to ensure timely and high-quality execution of tasks.
  • Quality control: Ongoing quality control of the plants grown, including measuring yields, nutrient content, and assessing diseases and pests. Development and implementation of measures to improve product quality.
  • Implementation of new technologies: Keeping abreast of innovations in the field of plant cultivation, researching and implementing new technologies and techniques to improve production efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Documentation and reporting: Preparation of technical documentation, data collection and reporting on production activities. Providing detailed records of crops grown, resource use and costs.
  • Education:
    Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, biology, agroecology or other related field.
  • Experience:
    Previous experience in a similar position will be an advantage. Knowledge of growing various cultivated plants and their care methods.
  • Knowledge:
    Basic understanding of the principles of plant cultivation, including soil conditions, water supply, fertilizer use, pest and disease control methods. Mastery of modern agricultural technologies and principles of production automation.
  • Communication skills:
    Ability to effectively communicate and cooperate with various participants in the production process, including specialists, workers and management.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills:
    Skills in analyzing data, identifying problems and finding effective solutions. Ability to make decisions under time and resource constraints.

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