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Quality control

Quality control

From the detailed traceability of the growing process to the precise display of information on the labeling, it guarantees the identification of the product from cultivation to consumption

We have our own managers and specialists at every stage of the supply chain, including growing, harvesting, drying, dehydration, production, processing, packaging and export

Quality control
Quality control
100% refund, if the batch does not match the samples
What we are researching:

During certain seasons, plants release small pollen grains from trees, grasses, and weeds. As a result, millions of people experience allergy symptoms due to exposure to pollen from these plants. We offer allergen tests to ensure your safety when ordering our products.

Separating organic and non-organic products

We provide gurantees that our organic products are cultivated without the utilization of synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers created by humans, and they are free from GMOs.

Testing for heavy metals

High levels of heavy metals in plant and animal products indicate that they are likely to be grown in highly polluted areas. High concentrations of heavy metals in the human body cause a number of diseases. Our company conducts tests to determine a number of heavy metals: Mercury, Cadmium, Zinc, Nickel, Cobalt, etc.

Radionuclide content

The content of the radionuclide must be analyzed and we must ensure its compliance after consultation with our quality controller with alignment and communication with our specifications and customer requirements

New pesticide residues for analysis, for example. Glyphosate

According to experts, more than 25% of pesticides are counterfeit. Fraudsters, aiming to make more money, can add anything to them, including dangerous mixtures. Our company conducts chemical analysis for pesticides so that you can be sure of our products.

Quality statement

Product quality is determined by a set of characteristics that ensure its ability to meet specific needs according to its intended use. We provide all the necessary documents to convince you of the high quality of our products.


“Organic products shall transfer the goods to the buyer in accordance with the terms of the sales contract. Together with the goods, the buyer shall also receive the relevant documents (technical passport, quality certificate, etc.) relating to the goods and subject to transfer under the agreement or in accordance with civil law.

Farming expertise

Farmers are challenging organic producers to achieve high results in a constantly changing environment. They are trying to optimize the production process as much as possible, and this can be achieved through the use of innovative protection products that allow them to achieve good results without harming the environment.

Controlled processing

The company must accept raw materials that meet the requirements of the regulatory documents stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine for this type of product, and be certified in accordance with organic production standards (standards according to which certified raw materials and company certificates must coincide). The company has established a procedure for controlling the acceptance of organic raw materials, which includes verification of accompanying documents confirming the safety and quality of products, as well as their organic nature (quality certificates, certificates of organic origin).

Laboratory analysis

Before the sale of finished organic products, chemical analyzes (food expertise) are carried out to ensure that the product does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and other harmful substances. Organic production encompasses not only the elimination of chemicals, the residues of which can remain in food and negatively affect the health of consumers. It also involves the use of farming methods that have long been used by our ancestors.

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